We at Absolute Comfort decided to go into the HVAC industry because we felt the need to provide the people of Windsor/Essex with exceptional service and unrivalled customer support. Much of the labour we perform is done with extreme precision and care. However, much of what we do is amplified through the products we offer and supply to the homes we work on. The best appliances in the HVAC industry today is Trane, and we are proud to be authorized dealer for Trane and offer them as the industry standard on all installations and upgrades. Here are a couple of reasons to choose a Trane Authorized Dealer for your HVAC needs:


Technology Is Constantly Updated


Many times, we will come across households that are using outdated furnaces and air conditioners that are overused and supply little-to-no real comfort and are sucking money to run them. With Trane, they are consistently updating their equipment to ensure that customers are receiving optimal levels of comfort and not spending more money than necessary to heat or cool their homes. Energy efficiency is a big thing lacking in most common HVAC units, and Trane has mastered efficiency across years of use so that you won’t be needing any upgrades for a long time.


Unmatched Accessibility


One of the many reasons that we feel Trane is atop the HVAC industry product line is because they are one of the few companies making appliances that provide systems with adjustable air flow speeds. These speeds can help homeowners keep humidity levels in their houses at a level that is comfortable and cost-efficient. If a home or business owner wishes to adjust their temperatures, it can be changed easily with the beautiful interface provided by Trane.


Tried and True in Homes and Businesses


As a benchmark of how powerful and effective Trane systems are, they are now being implemented not just in homes but in commercial buildings all over Canada and the USA. As a homeowner, having the comfort of knowing that their air conditioner or furnace is being used to power giant buildings and factories all over North America is a testament to how integral their systems are in providing absolute comfort to shoppers, employees and families. Trane remains the most reliable, consistent and premier quality HVAC provider on the market.


Certifications & Qualifications


Trane understands the importance of providing homes and business with superb air quality control and will not sacrifice their integrity. Trane ensures that all authorized dealers contain the proper training, qualifications & certificates necessary to install, repair and maintain their systems correctly. This level of care goes a long way in establishing themselves as a leader in the HVAC industry and will not allow their company name to fall victim to reckless or inappropriate handling or installation of their products which made it easy for us to choose Trane products as our main HVAC product provider.


If you live in Windsor/Essex and need furnace installations or repairs for this upcoming Winter, contact Absolute Comfort today! With our line of Trane products, we know you will be getting something to enjoy for years to come.