Operating a place of business where you have clients, customers or employees coming and going throughout the day; it is important that your building’s air control is adequately maintained. Commercial HVAC units are more complicated than residential units, with a variety of different components including rooftop structures, refrigeration units and heating machinery. Installing air conditioning and heating systems in commercial buildings is a meticulous process which requires rigorous testing to ensure the building is adequately conditioned. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering upgrading your commercial HVAC unit:


Meaningful Questions To Ask HVAC Specialists:


  • Would it be wiser to repair or completely replace my existing HVAC system?
  • Is the current ductwork usable if I decide to upgrade my HVAC units?
  • How long can I expect the new upgrades to last me?
  • What are the financing options available to me? Are there any government rebates available if I invest in specific products or equipment?
  • What are the significant differences in energy efficiency with future upgrades compared to my current system?
  • Are there any environmentally-conscious choices that can be made while implementing my new HVAC system?
  • How often would you recommend routine maintenance calls to help avoid system malfunctioning/damage?
  • Due to the size of the HVAC system, how often would you recommend we replace our filters to maximize efficiency?
  • While implementing the new system, will it cause disruption or interference to business affairs?


Preliminary Considerations


When looking to upgrade an HVAC system in a large building, preliminary assessments will take place to examine how current ductwork is operating, how efficient the current flow of air is, if your building is receiving adequate ventilation, and if there are any inconsistencies in temperature control. Tests will be done on the current system to see if there is any possibility of repair or reconfiguration, and if you are better off investing in a brand new system, your HVAC specialists will then let you know.


What To Keep In Mind While Deciding On Your HVAC Future


Budgetary discussions can be challenging to bring up because some people become embarrassed or shy about what they can and what they cannot afford. Funding limitations provide HVAC specialists with information necessary to provide you with excellent options that fall in your price range. You want to ensure that all areas of your building – that are occupied with employees or customers are properly heated & cooled. Relaying any financial obstructions to your HVAC specialist is important for your comfort.  


The specifics about your business are also important to relay to your HVAC specialists. If, for example, you don’t use your building all year round (summer or winter only) then we can make accommodations so that we can keep the price down while ensuring that your building receives adequate heating and cooling.


Ensure you are aware that HVAC installations could disrupt and interfere with business relations. They could also become a distraction for employees, customers and clientele. Discuss with your HVAC specialists any concerns you may have considering upgrading your commercial HVAC system.