Spring is officially here, and for many homeowners in Windsor/Essex, it’s time to prepare by cleaning and sprucing up the house. Cleaning your home has proven to be a stress reliever as you eliminate clutter and dust, but it will also help improve breathing conditions inside your house. Here is a list of things that you should address while doing your Spring cleaning this year:




An oft-forgotten appliance that may require a suitable dosage of elbow grease to clean. Your microwave should be amongst the highest cleaning targets on your list. Over the Winter, with holiday festivities and general busyness, you probably used your microwave frequently. Look inside of your microwave, and you may notice spots of leftover food all over the place. If your microwave is messy use a combination of vinegar and water to tackle hard stains.


Batteries in Smoke Detectors/ Carbon Monoxide Detectors


If you haven’t replaced your smoke detector batteries or carbon monoxide detectors, spring cleaning is an opportune time for you to protect you and your family from potential dangers. Even if you are 100% certain you are not at risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide leak, always be on the side of caution and replace your batteries; it’s also the law.


Replace Your Air Filters


You’ve heard this one before, but we can’t underestimate how important this is for the health of your HVAC unit and your health. Spring cleaning serves as a decent reminder to replace your air filters and to keep your HVAC system in excellent condition. The air in your house will be much fresher, which will make breathing even more comfortable, and it will save you money because your HVAC unit will be running efficiently and not overworking itself to provide your home with adequate air through a blanket of dust and other debris.


Dust Your Vents


Neglecting to dust the inside of both your supply vents and your return vents may push dust and other debris into the air of your home, hampering your air quality and affecting your ability to breathe. An abundance of excess dust can also make your air conditioner work less efficiently. To do necessary vent cleaning shut off the power to your air conditioner. Use a vacuum cleaner (preferably one with a long hose so you can reach inside of your ductwork) to remove excess dirt and debris.


Spring serves as a wonderful reminder to clean your home and improve living conditions for you and your family. The condition of your HVAC unit will play a significant role in your home’s air quality, and with allergenic flowers beginning to bloom in Windsor ON, you will want to ensure the air quality is exceptionally refined. Start your spring off right by cleaning your household appliances, replacing batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, replacing your air filters and dusting your vents. For more information, contact your local HVAC specialists.