Summer is only a couple of months away from showing up, and that means even more sunny days and hot weather. Your household will soon be relying on central air to keep everyone comfortable, happy and cool. Windsor/Essex is notorious for being excruciating during the dog days of Summer. Here are a few important reasons why you should have your air conditioner serviced in the Spring:

Improved Cost Efficiency

Your AC is a complex and fickle machine that is bound to experience wear and tear after excessive use. If you utilized your air conditioner quite frequently at the end of last Summer, without it being looked at by an HVAC specialist, there might be mechanical components that need to be repaired or replaced. Enlisting the services of an HVAC specialist to inspect your air conditioner unit, condenser coils and ductwork, will help ensure that all components of your air conditioner are functioning correctly. This will help save you money and ensure that your unit is operating effectively so that you feel optimal comfort throughout the Summer.

More HVAC Specialists Are Available For Work

Typically, people will wait until they have to start up their air conditioner; they will wear light clothing, open windows & doors and set up fans around their home. Eventually, the weather becomes so hot that there are no other practical options than to turn on their central air; however, issues frequently occur with air conditioner units at the beginning of Summer because homeowners waited too long to see if their unit was still in good condition. Whenever Summer starts, there will be a lack of available HVAC mechanics because all HVAC service workers are occupied repairing thousands of other units. It is imperative to get ahead of the curve and get your unit serviced in Spring.

Reduce The Chance Of Your AC Breaking Down In The Summer

HVAC specialists will diagnose and repair any issues that your HVAC unit is currently facing. However, what HVAC specialists do best is enact preventative measures on your unit so that you avoid any future problems that could hinder the performance of your HVAC. Even if you start up your air conditioner and it seems to be working perfectly, you may experience mechanical troubles that could cause trouble in the middle of the Summer. Unfortunately, many mechanical issues tend to happen on the hottest days of Summer and that’s when most HVAC mechanics are unavailable because of time restrictions. By having your HVAC unit maintained in the Spring, your mechanic will perform routine jobs such as:

  • Lubricating moveable parts within your unit
  • Inspecting for blockages within the condensate line
  • Double checking all refrigerant lines
  • Re-tightening all loose electrical components & connections

Preventative maintenance is the best kind of, and if you take adequate care of your HVAC unit, it will prove worthwhile because it will save you money and work with utmost reliability and dependability.