It’s November In Windsor/Essex, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Winter. As the cold weather continues to linger and snow continues to fall, homeowners all over the city will be looking for ways to improve air quality and temperature control inside of their home. We’ve received numerous calls from homeowners in Windsor over the years about how their furnace is working perfectly fine, but their home is still cold. One of the first things we suggest to them is to consider adding a heat pump. Here are a few reasons you should add a heat pump to your home before Winter.


No Gas Line Installation Required


Gas line installations can be very expensive for homes that do not already have them implemented. Heat pumps are the perfect solution for homes that tend to receive the lion’s share of the cold weather – homes that are not adequately insulated may lose a decent amount of energy through their attic, windows or doors. Heat pumps run solely off electricity and can be installed with ease by a licensed HVAC specialist in one day with no digging or external maintenance required.


Work Harmoniously with Your Furnace


After your heat pump is installed, the device will pull energy from the outside and transform it into hot air to heat the inside of your home. Winters in Canada can be ruthless, which means you need all the help you can get to keep you and your house warm these next couple of months. Heat pumps work harmoniously with your furnace to provide an abundance of heat inside your home, which reduces the strain on your HVAC system.


Reduced Carbon Footprint


Heat pumps utilize clean energy to heat your home and are a major reason that so many households across Canada have adopted them over the years. Since heat pumps run solely on electricity, no carbon emissions are being pumped into the atmosphere. While heat pumps cannot replace the effectiveness of a furnace, they do provide you with the chance to reduce the amount of natural gas you use this Winter. Heat pumps are also incredibly durable and should remain in excellent condition for 10-15 years, making it a financially prudent decision. When purchasing a piece of HVAC equipment, prioritizing durability is what you need to look for, which makes a heat pump an ideal appliance for your heating needs.


It’s important to stay warm this upcoming Winter as we all know how strong its storms can be. With no gas line installation required, it’s the capability to operate harmoniously with your furnace, and its environmental friendliness, a heat pump may be the heating solution your home needs.