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Furnace Maintenance

If you need maintenance on your furnace in Windsor Essex County, trust the heating experts at Absolute Comfort Control Services. Our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to complete problem-free maintenance of your existing furnace.

Importance of Routine Furnace Maintenance

Some homeowners feel that simply changing the furnace filter is enough to keep the furnace working properly. While a clean filter can reduce how hard the furnace needs to work, only routine maintenance and cleaning of your furnace system will ensure energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and extended lifespan of your furnace.

The life expectancy of a furnace is typically 10-20 years, so when it is older, it should be tested to make sure the quality of the air in your home is clean. Malfunctioning or poorly vented furnace equipment is at greater risk of carbon monoxide leaks or build-ups in your home, which can be deadly. And it’s not just your furnace we check, but your ductwork, vents, thermostats, furnace size, and air circulation to ensure they are working efficiently together. Deficiencies in these will cause increased breakdowns and energy costs.

An annual Furnace Maintenance is also required by most major manufacturers of Furnaces in order to honour your parts warranty.

Furnace maintenances should be done annually.  They can be done at any time but we suggest September as being the Most Unexceptional time of year, before the demands of winter set in. Why not contact us or call to book furnace maintenance today? (519)252-2699!

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Maintenance Checklist

  • Check Thermostat
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Check Motors (Lubricate if able)
  • Check Filter
  • Check/Clean Pilot or Flame Sensor
  • Check Safety Controls
  • Clean Burners / Adjust for Efficiency
  • Check Gas Piping for Leaks
  • Inspect Vent System
  • Check Heat Rise
  • Check Condensate, Clear Drains
  • Gas Input from Clocking Meter
  • Check that Humidifier Pad / Damper Open
  • Check Pressure Switch Reading
  • Camera Inspection When Necessary
  • Check Running Load Amps (RLA)
  • Check All Wiring & Connections
  • Check Manifold Gas Pressure
  • Check Complete Furnace Cycle
  • Locate & Identify Furnace Switch
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide (ppm FA)

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